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Today: Jun 13, 2024

Wireless Wi-Fi High Power Equipment

Wireless Infrastructure Equipment:
With many years of experience in the wireless field Long Range Communications has selected best of the best from what is available on the market today. Different projects require different hardware to be used. Some times you need highest power outputs, sometimes you need diversity of mimo antennas and sometimes you just need 30 miles wireless links with hedge bandwidth going through the lines. Below you will find the list of equipment that we might recommend to you for your projects.    
LRC-Wireless High Power Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) LRC-Wireless High Power Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) 
High power equipment deliver strong and reliable signal and longer range links. It solves the problem where the signal is constantly disappearing and where the customer is out of the coverage area. Our high power equipment is operating in up to 400 mW in all 4 WiFi bands (900MHz, 2.4, 5.3 and 5.8 GHz)
Cluster Wi-Fi Wireless Access Point
Clustered AP can solve the problem oh thick walls and metal doors. Unlike the high power Access Points, the clustered one are spread around the building and are self configurable. As result all clustered APs are operating as single large radio delivering signal to every location on premises. Additionally the AP is designed as Smoke Detector so it can be easily installed on the ceilings or walls.   
Gigabit over Wireless Network Bridges (Grid Link) 
Wireless gigabit bridges allow enterprises and large buildings to get connected in the single LAN without deploying any wires. Our links can be installed in both licensed or unlicensed (80 and 60 GHz) spectrum with the maximum distance of 8 Kilometers
High Power Wireless WiFi Access Point  2.4GHz 600mW 
As WiFi became popular the interference increased tremendously. The high power AP helps you fight the interference problems plus it extends the range of the network. The higher power means the higher network stability. 
High Power Wi-Fi Desktop Network Card 2.4GHz 600mW
There is no need to have wires connected to your desktop computers. The high power wireless network card will ensure maximum signal quality and network stability. Desktop card is available as PCI version. The mini-PCI for laptops and embedded computers is also available.
High Power  USB Wireless Adapter 200mW 2.4 GHz  
Sometimes you just need more power and portability and USB Wireless Network Adapter has it all. 200mW power output will provide fast and reliable links while USB power will allow you to swap the card to any laptop or desktop computer.

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